Search Engine Optimization

Prioritize connection and make a bigger impact.

I began building websites back in 2010 when my parents became entrepreneurs. I built the websites for their business in Adobe Muse, totally unaware of the true capacity and capabilities available to me on the web.

A long-term mentorship and friendship with Michelle Ames led me to WordPress, which led me to develop my skills in Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Content Marketing.

WordPress is open source. I believe in open source. WordPress is community focused. So am I.

My clients have WordPress websites, I lean on my WordPress community for support, and I am constantly learning from the WordPress world.

My journey has brought me here, laser-focused on making deeper connections in my own communities and helping others do the same.

Through SEO strategy, we’re able to devise clear methods for understanding our community and thus, communicating with them better. It’s all about being of value, and more importantly, being of service. 

Work with me however you like. I’ll provide you with an SEO audit and work with you to improve your strategy and reach your goals. Or, I’ll help to teach you how to do it yourself.