“You have no idea how much I enjoy your classes. Taking one hour for ME! The little things you say during class carries me through the week.”

Jeanninne Mandel

Yoga Student for 2+ Years

“Before yoga classes with Amanda, I had no experience or understanding of yoga. Since the first class I started, I had a much better knowledge of many yoga poses and the importance of breathing. Amanda walks through each of the steps at a comfortable pace, and encourages us to push the limits we set for ourselves. She’s a positive light with a depth of knowledge and caring for her students and their yoga goals, and is always incredibly accomodating and versatile if you have an ailment that prohibits certain poses.The variety she brings to her classes makes each time feel truly unique, and you leave feeling accomplished and connected. She’s the best.”

Erica Sylvester

Yoga Student 3+ Years

I would highly recommend Amanda to anyone who wants to start yoga or continue their practice in a new setting. When you walk into the room you are immediately greeted with a warm smile and friendly “how is your day going?” . Amanda’s style of teaching is very easy to follow, she makes sure you are comfortable with the pose and if you are having trouble, she either come over to help you or make an alternative pose for you. Personally I have a bad shoulder injury from the past and some poses I can’t do. So when it comes to that Amanda will tweak the pose ever so slightly so I’m no longer in pain or has me do another version of the pose, also with no pain.
Amanda always has something new to add in her practice as well; from bringing in a tennis ball for stretching to telling us about something she read about in the yoga world and helps enlighten the class. When I walk away from a night of yoga with Amanda I always feel relaxed and at peace. I would highly recommend Amanda to anyone who wants to either start yoga or continue their practice in a safe, fun, and educational environment.

Rachel Bryant

Yoga Student 2+ Years

“Amanda has been part of my network of freelancers for two years now and I can always rely on her to tackle any task I give her with enthusiasm. She’s very warm and personable with my clients; indeed she is the only member of my network that I trust to be directly client facing. She brings brightness and ingenuity to all my projects, recognizes her limitations but pushes herself to learn more in each new situation, and is simply all around a delight to work with.”

Ansley Fones

Owner/Designer, Ansley Fones Web Design & Development

“I’ve hired Amanda Gorman on many occasions to provide keyword analysis and search engine optimization recommendations for client websites. Amanda is very thorough, and provides excellent insights into the data she provides. She is extremely easy to work with, has a high level of enthusiasm, and is very reliable. I would highly recommend Amanda for any projects needing SEO expertise.”

Susan Jefferson

Owner/Designer, Tech Creative Web Design