Donation Page 24-Hour Service

Are you looking to raise funds for a friend, family member, pet, or for a cause that’s near and dear to your heart? Are you unsure which platform is the best to ensure that you get your money quickly and safely?

I’ve created this 24-hour donation page creation service to offer my people a way to get a donation landing page up and running quickly, with everything you need to start accepting donations right away.

What you’ll get:

  • A donation landing page with unique URL of your choice.
  • A page description, featured images, goal bar, an array of donation levels, social media links are available for your page.
  • Access to your donor data via Excel reports, sent to you within 24 hours of request.

Basic Pricing (without any premium functionality): $75.00
*additional features can be added for an additional cost, I’ll send you a quote based on your form submission*

First, fill out the below form & I’ll be in touch with the next steps!

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Let me know how to get back to you. I'll reach out ASAP to discuss everything you enter here and make sure we're on the same page before your donation page is developed.

Payment is required before any development begins.

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Premium add-ons are available if you want to expand your functionality!

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