Amanda Gorman
Yoga Instructor & SEO Consultant

Connection is my thing. I’m inspired by the body and the layers upon layers of connect that exist that make up our physical form. All of our intricate movements and elaborate functions of the different parts of the body are fascinating – it all relates to everything else we see in this world. Connection is everywhere.. it’s everything.

The soil beneath us in the earth is made up of mycelium, a network of white fungus that is known to be the largest organism on earth. Mycelium works with its environment, absorbing nutrients and breaking down its environments to build a stronger foundation from which stronger plant life, like trees, can grow.

When you take a look at mycelium, you can see how it takes shape of a network, a large communication web that works collectively. I’m in awe by this¬†natural phenomenon. I believe that our universe is constantly working with us to help us to expand ourselves deeper and deeper into new understanding, new awareness, and a into a profound form of existence.

When I look at and learn more about mycelium, I’m reminded of our internet as it has taken form today. I see the web-like structure of this strange fungus and of our even more strange internet and I recognize the patterns. I see how we got here. It’s incredible, this life. I hope to use this platform as a way to share myself in an unfiltered, unashamed, and fearless way.

My own little world of connection is made up of my husband Casey, my nephew Jackson, my puppy girl Topanga, and a beautiful family whom I love dearly. My family is made up of blood and non-blood humans that support me, love me, and remind me everyday why I do what I do. Why I’m here. I’m here to foster connection within our world in whatever means I see fit at the moment. I’m here to allow, to be a conduit for connection, and to hopefully share this sense of connection I feel with others. Thank you for being here.¬†