amanda gormanAmanda Gorman

Customer Success Coordinator at, Yoga Instructor & SEO Consultant

Connection is my thing.

At first glance, it appears I have a lot of stuff I’m doing. It’s true.

Every role I play in the unfolding of my creativity is connected in some way or another. 

My love for SEO and teaching yoga came to be around the same time. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur. My parents owned businesses when I was young and I loved the sense of freedom and responsibility that came with it all. 

I began my SEO consulting practice and I started teaching my friends’ yoga, all while still working my 9-5 in a real estate law firm. Within four years I earned countless contracting work with two amazing web designers, I opened a yoga studio (Flower City Yoga) with some fantastic women, and I found a new career that’s in the WordPress world at

Each role I play, whether its creator, consultant, teacher, wife, aunt, friend, or dog-mom, I aim to bring together all aspects of my life – rather than compartmentalizing and separating each “thing” I do, I enjoy finding the often times small paths that connect them all together. 

I’ve discovered that these tiny, subtle paths aren’t really all that unnoticeable once I begin to peel back the layers. In everything I do, in each role I play, I:

  • aim to feel grounded consistently
  • listen actively
  • communicate with clarity, compassion, and empathy
  • help people see themselves more clearly, so the rest of the world can do the same

Whether it’s through an aware SEO practice, a yoga practice, or a phone call – I’m certain to show up fully and wholly to all that I am in that moment. 

I love spending my time learning, creating, and creating space for connection any chance I get. Slowing down and grounding is also my jam. 

My own little world of connection is made up of my husband Casey, my nephew Jackson, my puppy girl Topanga, and a beautiful family whom I love dearly.

My family is made up of amazing humans that support me, love me, and remind me every day why I do what I do.  I’m here to foster connection within our world in whatever means I see fit at the moment. I’m here to allow, and to be a conduit for connection. Thank you for being here.